If it didn’t turn out the way you dreamed, you should definitely read this article.

Incorrect Placement of Frames

Unfortunately, a place equipped with only furniture, without wall decoration, cannot go beyond mediocrity. To add character to our home, the best way to fill those stinging blank walls is to hang frames that suit our tastes.

Sometimes we like to buy a framed painting or painting. We wonder how beautiful it will look until we hang it on the wall, but we are disappointed after we hang it, because the result does not pass by the tastefully decorated places that we see and love on those Pinterest pages. We think why it didn’t happen, we get discouraged.

Yes, most of us made the mistakes listed below while hanging a painting on the wall. We researched, measured, cut and detailed the errors and solutions that prevent framed pictures and paintings from appearing aesthetically on the wall.

Picture 1

1#Hanging the Frame too High (Picture 1 ) : This is one of the most common mistakes we encounter. When you hang that exquisite frame you bought to fill the space on the wall so close to the ceiling, unfortunately, there is still a large area between the floor and the visual, which is disturbing to the eye, and the image is far from pleasing to us.

So, how high should we hang it so that it looks stylish? Some may answer this question at eye level. Although this may seem like a very practical solution, if you are above average height, those other than you may have to hold their necks in the air to look at the decor on the wall. So, let’s give a clear measurement that can be a guide for everyone, including cypresses: it can be hung at a height of 140-150 cm from the ground. For images to be placed on furniture such as a sofa or dresser, a space of 10 to 20 cm over the furniture will look nice. (Picture 2). If you exaggerate the distance, the painting and furniture duo you designed as a group will seem as if they are unrelated and the integrity of your decoration will be broken.

Picture 2

2# Hang it too Low: We can say that it is preferable for the frame to stand too low, rather than too high, and we may even not accept it as a mistake. As a matter of fact, we found that we exceeded our own framed paintings (we hung them without measuring) at a height of 100-120 cm. Of course, there are several reasons why we set a standard for ourselves even though we hung it without measuring, except that I am not quite the cypress tall (unrelated, I want to be able to look at the pictures comfortably when I sit on the couch): the place is small and plain, the furniture is extremely minimal and functional, the ceiling is relatively low. factors such as In short, if there is a place with a higher ceiling than normal, the wall decor can be hung a little higher and fill the space. Even if you have the best measurement, ask someone for help and before you drive the nail into the wall, take a photo while holding the frame on the wall and see if the height is good so that there is no nail mark on your wall that you will need to fix later.

Picture 3

3# Another mistake is to hang multiple pictures too far apart from each other. (Picture 3). First of all, the table set should be treated as if it were a single table, so that the heights specified in 1# and 2# are also valid for framesets. Hanging the sets (2 pcs, 3 pcs , 7 pcs , etc.) on the wall may seem a bit of a hassle (the practical ways of hanging framed painting sets will be a topic in itself). The elements of the set, which are too far apart from each other on the wall, give a messy and unpleasant appearance. If we put those pieces together to achieve a harmony on the wall, let them stay close to each other, the distance between them should not be more than 3-5 cm.

Picture 4

4#Using a small Frame or Gallery Wall over a Very Large Area (Picture 4): After centering a 4050 painting in the space above our 180 cm long sofa, we say with dissatisfaction, “I bought this one too, but it didn’t show much”. A space larger than the size of the picture on either side of the picture disturbs the eye. If we choose a set of pictures or tables in the appropriate size for the size of the area we want to fill, we will achieve our goal. The frame we will use should be at least half or 2/3 of the height of furniture such as a dresser or sofa. For example, at least 3 3040 framed posters can be hung on a 180 cm long triple sofa. With the space left between the frames, it is only sufficient.

We shared with you the details that can help us while decorating our walls. You can also add comments.